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Open days week ... a wonderful time !

publié le 11 mars 2012 à 01:27 par Stéphane Simon   [ mis à jour : 11 mars 2012 à 01:29 ]
This week wes the one we would like to get every week. Wonderful courses, highly motivated students, and more than 20 guests coming from 7 countries all over the world to share our "life".
The active students were the best ambassadors and advertisers for our postgraduate program. This week was about infection and desinfection. Two courses and one seminar about infection, one course and one seminar about irrigation, one course about antibiotics prescription. Thanks to Dr Villette (Paris), Pr Perez (Rennes), Pr Bouillaguet (Geneva) , Dr Descroix (paris) and Pr Machtou (Paris) of course, for the high level of teaching of this week.

Diane Griffith (TDO company - US) gave two talks via videoconference about ergnomy, 4 hands work, surgery design. An amazing course, which had been able to organized thanks to the new technologies.
On Tuesday afternoon, our guests attended to a keynote about our program. They received lots of information and especially the information for the future applications, in 2013.
Finally, in a private session, the DUEEC students presented their research topics, and were ready to start now to design the materials and methods and start the investigation.
Again, one week we would like to get organized every week. a tough one !
Thanks to anyone, students, guests and teachers to make this program what it is !