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Graduation ceremony

publié le 18 sept. 2012 à 06:37 par Stéphane Simon
On the 12th of september, we had the first Graduation day of the DUEE/DUEEC. 
At this occasion, we received the team from the Postgraduate training of ACTA, with Hagay Shemesh, Pr Paul Wesselink, and 6 of their porstgrad' students.
During the afternoon, teachers and students exchanged about the both programs, and shared their experience and feedback.
These discussion were very interesting, and we are actually on the road of a probable collaboration.
On the evening, the 12 graduated students received their certificate in front of 118 people. At this occasion, Pr Paul Wesselink gave an excellent talk on retreat or not retreat, with lot of humour.
Finally, the whole DUEE team went out for a party... and a looooooong night started.

Fun, science, Happiness... that are exactly what we are working on for maing this DUEE a true  success.